The Ferry Foundation


The Ferry Foundation charity is a new grant making charity, which aims to improve the lives of people who work or have worked in the UK shipbuilding, engineering and related manufacturing industries, as well as their families and dependants. It will be a unique charity. Never before, to our knowledge, has such a significant sum been awarded for the benefit of lay members of trade unions and their communities before.

Named after the former General Secretary of the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions (the CSEU), Alex Ferry Limited was created with the assets of a trust fund established in 1989 by the CSEU to provide financial support to workers in the UK shipbuilding and engineering industries and in related manufacturing industries who were then engaged in industrial action. It is thought that approximately 200,000 trade union members contributed to the fund, with their contributions constituting the vast majority of the assets donated.

Following conclusion of the Initial campaign and industrial action, a surplus was left in the fund which over time, that surplus has increased very considerably with investment return and, as at the end of May 2018, the value of the fund had reached £32.6 million. That sum will now provide the initial funding of Alex Ferry Limited.

Alex Ferry, passed away in 1994. Click here to find out more about the man behind the Charity in this obituary written by The Independent shortly after his death.

The Ferry Foundation website will be available from the beginning of 2019 at