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Call to Arms

17 August 2020 / Campaign | News

Union chiefs say nine defence projects must be prioritised to safeguard jobs in recession.

In June this year the Prime Minister called for shovel ready projects which will help the UK economy rebuild from the coronavirus lockdown.

The CSEU has put together a list of defence sector programmes which are existing or due to be procured in the next couple of years which will protect nearly 13,000 direct jobs and a further 20,000 in the supply chain.

Ian Waddell, CSEU General Secretary, said: “There are dozens of projects with have been budgeted for and are in the pipeline which can either be brought forward a couple of years or have additional orders added. This will boost the economy when it needs it”.

Our campaign is being supported by John Healey MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence. He says: “The Government could provide a multi-billion pound boos to British jobs by finally making long delayed decisions to support the UK defence industry”.