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UK and US Union’s Warn Johnson and Trump On Trade Deals

The UK Trade Union Congress and its US counterpart, the AFL-CIO, have warned the White House and Downing Street that any future trade deal between the UK and USA must put workers’ jobs and rights first….. read more
Source: CSEU | Published 2020-03-23

Scottish Welding Safety Conference 2019

The CSEU has launched a series of industrial conferences on welding fumes at a packed event in Glasgow…. read more
Source: CSEU | Published 2019-11-07

IndustriAll Europe makes the case for collective bargaining in new campaign

The giant European trade union federation IndustriAll Europe, which covers 7m manufacturing, mining and energy workers has launched a campaign which aims to demonstrate the positive impact of collective bargaining in delivering a better life for working people….. read more
Source: CSEU | Published 2019-10-03

CSEU calls for government action at Harland & Wolff

The future of Belfast’s Harland & Wolff shipyard could be guaranteed if the Government were to award the contract to build aircraft carrier support vessels to a UK Consortium, a union claims….. read more
Source: CSEU | Published 2019-08-08

Crucial boost for battle to build new Royal Navy supply ships in Britain

Campaigners calling for new Royal Navy supply ships to be built in Britain have seized on comments they say prove the case for keeping the £1billion deal in the UK….. read more
Source: Daily Mirror | Published 2018-11-15