The Confederation of Shipbuilding & Engineering Unions

Scottish Welding Safety Conference 2019

12 November 2019 / Health and safety

The CSEU has launched a series of industrial conferences on welding fumes at a packed event in Glasgow.

The purpose of the conference was both to highlight the traditional dangers associated with welding and respond to the recognition that welding fumes can cause lung cancer.

CSEU President, Tony Burke, told delegates representing some of Scotland’s largest employers, that “there are 80,000 workers involved in welding and that the emphasis must be on removing the fumes by extraction and not merely wearing protective masks. Where masks are necessary the CSEU wants to see the ‘air fed type’ rather than close fitting types.”

Other speakers were from the HSE, Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, the EEF and BAE Systems as well as speakers from the CSEU’s affiliate unions and Kenny Jordan, Chair of the CSEU, Scottish District Committee.